Debianised kernel patch for IMQ


Put these lines in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb woody kernel-patch-imq
deb-src woody kernel-patch-imq

Then you can install the kernel patch package:

apt-get update
apt-get install kernel-patch-imq


You can use it with Debianised (from kernel-source-* packages) or kernels as well. (Note that Debian's kernel-source-* packages are not the same as the 'vanilla' kernels. Debian's kernels have some patches applied on them (eg. patches for discovered exploits). In the 2.4 series, the upstream IMQ patch won't apply, because one of Debian's patches use up the same __unused field of struct sk_buff in include/linux/skbuff.h that the IMQ patch would replace. This package contains modified patches for Debianised kernels besides the upstream patches.)

If you use Woody, you had to install kernel-patch-scripts from Sarge manually. (Because there's no kernel-patch-scripts package in Woody, and my package depends on it. Fortunately it has no dependencies, and works well with Woody's kernel-package). One (quick&dirty) method to install it:

dpkg -i kernel-patch-scripts_0.99.32_all.deb

Now you can patch&compile the kernel with make-kpkg in the usual manner, eg.:

make-kpkg --revision=foobar.1 --added-patches=imq binary-arch


What if you have a kernel that is too new, and my package refuses to patch it for that reason?

Well, you can try if the patch for the previous kernel version would apply. (Usually it will.) You can achieve it this way:

KPATCH_imq=<previous kernel version> make-kpkg ... --added-patches=imq ...
eg. if you have kernel 2.4.26 and my package patches 2.4.25 only:
KPATCH_imq=2.4.25 make-kpkg --revision=foobar.1 --added-patches=imq binary-arch

Perhaps it will help you, perhaps not. In either case, drop me a mail please.


The other component you will need is a patched version of Debian's iptables package. You can fetch a version for Woody from my site as well (here).

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