Here are some Debian packages that either I created, or I backported from testing/unstable or/and patched for some extra feature. You can use APT with this archive. The packages are targeted for the Woody release.

There are cases when some of these packages depend on another package not in (the official) Woody. In solving the dependency, I chose the philosophy that no piece of software is to be installed without your control. So every single project contains just its own packages, and you must pick the other project(s) it depends on, and add them to APT's config files. The descriptions below will help you enough, of course.

You should search and before using my (often outdated or broken) packages.

The details/instructions accessing the archives with APT can be found on each project's own page:

iptables of Woody patched to work with IMQ
iproute of Woody patched to work with HTB3
debianised kernel patch for IMQ
additional plugins for NetSaint
PCSK - Process Creation's Swiss-army Knife
PCSK: Daemoniser, supervisor, scheduler, logger program with many options


2004-12-17 22:28+01
new pcsk package (new upstream release - bugfix)
2004-11-21 19:05:09+01
new iptables+imq and iptables+imq+connbytes package (fix CAN-2004-0986)
2004-10-01 21:49+02
new iproute package (Fix DoS via spoofed netlink messages (CAN-2003-0856))
2004-10-01 20:49+02
new kernel-patch-imq package (support for kernel versions 2.4.27 and 2.6.7, 2.6.8,
2004-09-01 03:09+02
PCSK name change (runit -> PCSK): PCSK packages now available, runit packages removed.
2004-05-12 18:10+02
new runit package (new upstream version: 2.6pre14)
2004-05-12 16:44+02
new kernel-patch-imq package (2.6.2-imq-4 applies on 2.6.6 too)
2004-05-11 23:30+02
Added short usage instructions to the kernel-patch-imq page.
2004-05-11 22:36+02
New iptables+imq package (now with correct version numbering). You have to 'downgrade' (eg. apt-get upgrade && apt-get install iptables/stable) to install it.. sorry.
2004-05-11 22:36+02
New package versioning policy, and new method (apt-pinning) for keeping the patched version selected.
WARNING! Changes were made. You must check the instructions for the package(s) you use!
2004-05-11 20:03+02
vmailmgr (backported from testing) package removed.
2004-05-11 20:03+02
Split off from Update your sources.list files!
2004-05-11 15:49+02
New kernel-patch-imq package. Applies on 2.4.26. From kernel version 2.4.26 the linux-2.4.26-imq.diff patch is used, which contains the IPv6 stuff also.
2004-04-19 00:56+02
The package nix-netsaint-plugins renamed to netsaint-plugins-nix.
2004-04-19 00:21+02
New kernel-patch-imq package. Now original patches are included, too, and updated kernel version info (2.6.2-imq-4 applies on 2.6.4 and 2.6.5, too).

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